Picture of Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas

What is there left to say about Vegas?  The gambling mecca certainly earns its Sin City moniker thanks to its extravagant casinos and the seedy aspects of its nightlife.

Picture of the Bellagio

In spite of the opulent excess of this desert metropolis, the sense that Vegas lacks substance is unavoidable.  Although Vegas is considered a hedonist’s paradise, the presiding emotion of those who live, work and play in the city often borders on desperation.  For every cheer that emanates from tourists at a roulette table, there are many more groans from punters desperately trying to break even, many more bored croupiers desperate to get a better job, and many more acts, impressionists and showmen desperately hoping to make it big.

Las Vegas remains a great place to let your hair down though.  While many of the residents may have grown weary of the city’s pleasure-seeking appeal, the atmosphere among tourists is often giddy.  Everyone comes to Las Vegas for a good time and the unique excitement conjured by the city’s myriad opportunities isn’t to be sniffed at.  Just make sure the lure of the city’s hotels and casinos doesn’t entrap you – because given a prolonged stay in Vegas, you might begin to lose your sanity as well as your money…

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