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Sherwood failing to seize precious opportunity 

When Tim Sherwood assumed responsibility for the Tottenham Hotspur first team on 16th December last year, many critics wrote him off as an easily replaceable interim appointment.  I still do. 

 Sherwood knew he would have to far surpass expectations to overcome the immediate apathy of fans and to prevent club chairman Daniel Levy casting covetous glances in the direction of European managers such as Louis van Gaal. 

 For a while it looked like Sherwood might even do it.  The club earned 23 points during his first ten matches in the Premier League.  The team won only two of the following seven games though, and the honeymoon period is definitely over.

England rugby coach Stuart Lancaster has proved that an unknown candidate can galvanise a team to win over the fans and the scepticism of critics.  Sherwood is running out of time to prove his own ability to do so.

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