Boat passes while I am studying

Progress Report: Two weeks in Panama

As I’ve written in my most recent blog post, I’ve learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar during my first two weeks studying Spanish at Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro.  This will undoubtedly benefit me greatly in the weeks and months ahead.

At the moment I’m struggling to formulate all this new information into grammatically sound, coherent sentences.  The number of basic mistakes I make in the video below highlights this.  As was the case with my first video, I could have rehearsed an eloquent description of my time in Panama before turning on the camera.  However, while such a video would be far less painful to watch, it wouldn’t help to illustrate where I am on the path to fluency.

If you can overlook the heinous grammar errors, you might also notice my attempts to grow a beard.  I’ll come clean – I’m no Chuck Norris.  While the hair is mine, it’s been six weeks, not two since I posted my initial video as I recorded that first one before flying to India in October.  I promise I didn’t study any Spanish while I was there!

Anyway, enjoy the video.  The only way is up…


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