Progress Report: One month in Panama

You might watch the video below and beg to differ, but over the past fortnight I feel I’m slowly getting to grips with Spanish grammar.  In class we occasionally play Scrabble and my brain sometimes feels like the bag holding all the extra letters.  During conversations I’ll try to extract the words I need, but trying to pull out the right ones, at the right time, often eludes me.

My efforts to apply newly learned grammar rules has caused additional problems.  In the video I refer to my tendency to miss out straightforward, yet integral, words from sentences as my brain tries to conjugate the words around them.  Predictably, I make such a mistake within the first three sentences of the video.

On a more positive note, I’m now in my final week of studying the DELE B2 Spanish level at Habla Ya.  This means that my ability should be roughly akin to that of UK students completing their A Levels.  Intrigued to see how I measured up, I looked at an old Spanish A Level exam paper and was pleasantly surprised.  The listening exercises seemed OK, the reading tasks appeared fairly easy and as I’ve previously discussed, I’m confident my writing would hold up to (reasonably) close inspection.  Obviously, from looking at the exam I couldn’t assess other students’ oral skills, but relatively speaking they can’t be that much better…can they?!


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