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Progress Report: The starting line


I intend to produce fortnightly videos over the coming months, which will hopefully track the improvement in my Spanish language skills.

On the basis that progress must be measured for goals to be attained, the video below represents the start line.  After studying Spanish at GCSE level 12 years ago, I have tried to pick up the language again in my spare time over the past couple of years.

The video below has been recorded in England ahead of my imminent departure to Panama.  I’m determined for these videos to be an accurate reflection of my language skills so the video is almost entirely unscripted.  Consequently, Spanish speakers will be able to spot a litany of errors, not least occasions when I should have used the subjunctive.  I will continue to grapple with the finer grammar points, so to avoid a video with more pauses than words, I ploughed ahead regardless.

I inevitably found it excruciating to watch the video back, but I hope that in the weeks to come it will serve to remind me of the progress I’ve made.  In the meantime, it should provide some entertainment to those more adept at speaking Spanish than myself!

I will be posting weekly updates on my experiences in Panama, so check back soon to see how I’m settling in.

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