Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US, yet thanks to its numerous colleges and universities (such as Harvard), the city exudes a youthful and relaxed atmosphere.

The centre is a curious mix of heritage buildings, ‘60s style concrete blocks and modern glass skyscrapers.  Historic points of interest are marked along the pleasant Freedom Trail and Boston’s compact layout enables visitors to walk through a variety of ethnic neighbourhoods.  The array of Irish bars in Boston is a legacy of the city’s immigrant past and the changeable weather would undoubtedly have helped the original settlers feel at home.

Picture of Statue of George Washington in Boston Public Garden
Statue of George Washington in Boston Public Garden

Boston remains many people’s favourite American city and it is easy to see why.  Boston Common is a wonderful public space and the city’s integrated, and staggeringly cheap, transport system helps the place stand out as a tourist-friendly destination.

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